Official New Build Opening

We had our official opening of our new build on Monday. This is where members of the local council, local authority, Feltham's - the building company and the architect came to school to see the end result. It was a lovely morning and a chance for people to see what wonderful things go on at The Castle. Wonderful Windsor Class even put on a cafe for our guests, serving cakes, snacks and hot drinks. This was very much appreciated by the guests on such a damp and miserable morning. We would like to thank:

  • West Berkshire Council for funding this project
  • The Felthams Team for working so well with the design and understanding our needs
  • Tom Partidge, the architect, for giving us a design that meets our pupils' needs

I would also like pay tribute to Gary Coles, contracts manager for Felthams on this job. Very sadly, Gary died just over a week ago. HIs input was crucial in ensuring a successful finish on the build. Our thoughts are very much with his family, his friends and The Felthams Team