Fishy Fun at The Castle

Trout Watch!

In December, Laura from The Renewal Project set up a large fish tank, complete with a chiller and air filter in the main site staffroom.

On Tuesday 23rd January, rainbow trout eggs, from Bibury Fish Farm (Cirencester), were placed in a tank. The children enjoyed watching the eggs move about on the live Trout Cam. They were excited to learn that the black dots they could see inside the eggs were baby trout eyes!

After what felt like a very long wait, the eggs began to hatch on Thursday 1st February! The trout are now at the ‘alevin’ stage of their life cycle where they feed off their egg sacs (which are attached to them). They will feed off of these for the next two to three weeks.

The trout have grown a lot of the half term and are now at the beginning of the ‘fry’ stage (!). They have eaten up the remainder of their egg sacs and are now being fed fish food in the form of granules daily. 

More photos and news soon! Alice J