3 Stage Model

The Three Stage Model is our approach to work experience – students can progress through the different stages in a way that is right for them, and the work experience grows with the student - one size does not fit all.

The three stages:

Work experience – this is the early / introductory experience of the workplace. Typically this will be a couple of hours per week (for example a morning), for a pre-determined period – often six weeks, but is flexible depending on employer and student needs. Students can participate in a number of work experience opportunities with the aim of trying out different areas of work.

Work placement - a deeper dive into work, and would typically grow from the initial work experience, or may follow work experience in more than one other organisation. A work placement would be a longer session, and would be for an extended period of time. This would take a regular slot in the student’s timetable.

Supported internship – a work placement with the aim of gaining paid work within the organisation. The student spends a large part of their week in the workplace (ideally 2-3 full days). Job coaching and support are offered from the World of Work team, as well as specific training, and core functional skills. At this stage the student would be working to a tailored timetable when in school, with the main focus towards an employment outcome.