PSHE/Life Lessons

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At The Castle School, our PSHE curriculum allows our students to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to empower them to achieve their personal aspirations. Through PSHE, we aim to equip students with the skills they need live their lives safely, fully, and as independently as possible. At The Castle School, PSHE is embedded in everything we do. From Primary 2 onwards, students have a discrete weekly PSHE lesson to teach them the skills they need, and throughout the school day, staff support students to use these skills, in real life situations. Students EHCPs provide bespoke PSHE targets which are worked on throughout the day and are an integral part of our learning.

Pupil voice

We value our pupils’ contributions to our curriculum planning and how safe they feel in school. We ensure we gain pupil voice through our annual sense of safety surveys and our Pupils for Positive Change group (School Council.)


Whole School Resources

At the Castle School, we have invested in physical and electronic resources and training, to ensure our pupils are safe and equipped with the skills and knowledge they need for life.

  • We have membership to National Online Safety, which gives staff and parents up-to-date internet safety training and allows teachers to use their lesson plans and resources to deliver relevant and up-to-date internet safety lessons. All teachers, TA’s and Senior leadership have completed an annual advanced certificate in online safety. We are working towards being a National Online Safety Certified School Please see the NOS letter on the school website for information about how to obtain a parent login.
  • We have purchased an online subscription to Life support productions guides, which gives teachers lesson plans, resources and videos to teach effective RSE and RHSE.

We have the following packages:

You, your body, growing up relationships and sex – for SEND

The New Guide to relationships and sex - Secondary

The Primary guide to Relationships and sex – Primary

  • We have boxes of physical resources for all topic areas in our reprographics room. Resources are photographed and labelled, so staff can access them when needed.


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